Noah's Ark Preschool


Noah's Ark Preschool/Mother's Day Out is an outreach program dedicated to working with parents to nurture the spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth of children.  We strive to provide a Christian atmoshphere and environment that is child-centered and hands-on: encouraging learning through play, discovery and academics.

Classrooms are organized with activity and learning centers that encourage children to experiment and explore the world around them.  Music, movement, and art are included daily in class.  An indoor play area is provided when weather prohibits using the outside playground. Children attend a brief Chapel time in the church sanctuary which includes a Bible story and a prayer.



Noah's Ark enrolls children ages 6 months to Pre-K (4 & 5 yr. old).  It does not discriminate when enrolling children in the program.  As a licensed school, the state requires the following forms to be completed and on file in the preschool office before a child can enter our program.  

  • Admission Information Form
  • Preschool Health Statement signed by your child's doctor
  • Parent Handbook Verification Form
  • Discipline and Guidance Verification
  • Students entering Pre-K need a hearing and vision screening

Attendance, health and identification records are kept for each child.  All information will be required prior to enrollment.  

Noah's Ark begins enrollment for the school year in February and March.  The children currently attending the program are enrolled first.  Open enrollment begins in late March.

All enrollment packets may be picked up in the Preschool office located at 421 Pietzsch St.


Registration fee:  $35

Supply fee:  $50 due twice a year (Aug. & Jan.)

These annual non-refundable fees per child are due at the time of enrollment, and cover all supplies for the entire school year.  Enrollment fees will be required yearly as children promote into a new age group.

Tuition per month per child is due the first day of class for the month.  All checks need to be made out to F.U.M.C. Noah's Ark.  All fees and tuition must be kept current for your child to remain in the program.  After the 15th of the month a late fee of $10 will be assessed.  Because our tuition is based on the total number of school days in the year, FULL MONTHLY TUITION IS DUE REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF DAYS PRESENT DURING THE MONTH!  Children are not allowed to "make up"  days missed due to absence.

Pre-K. Preschool & MDO Regular hours


Tues/Thu          $165

Mon/Wed/Fri    $240

Mon-Fri             $365

Afternoon snacks provided.

Parents must provide lunch.

Extended Hours


Tues/Thu          $315

Mon/Wed/Fri    $390

Mon-Fri            $515

Breakfast and Afternoon snack provided.

Parents must provide lunch.

Noahs Ark Hours & Attendance:

Noah's Ark is open Monday through Friday.  We follow the EBISD school calendar for holidays, closures, and the begining date and ending date of the school year.

Before-School Care          7:00am. to 9:am

Preschool                          9:am. to 2:00 pm.

After-School Care              2:00pm. to 5:30 pm.

 As we grow in faith, competence, and integrity, we are compelled to reach out to others and to grow as followers of Jesus Christ.  We go forth reflecting God's love.







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n Monday through Friday.


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