Come Join Us In Worship


When Is Your Worship Service?
We meet every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. for worship.  Afterward, you are invited to join us for refreshments in the Fellowship Hall.  Sunday School begins at 10:45am for all ages.

What Do I Do When I Get There?
At FUMCEB the focus is on worshiping God. We want everyone to feel comfortable doing that in their own way. Some people dress up, many dress casually; it’s up to you. There will be people ready to greet you. When you come in there is a place for you.  As our guest, we are blessed to have you join us in worship.

What About the Children?
We believe children are a blessing and we welcome the noise and movement that come with these particular blessings! Your child is welcome to stay with you during the service; we understand that some feel more comfortable doing that. Or, you may want to take advantage of our very clean, professionally staffed nursery located in the Children’s Education wing.

How Long Does the Service Last?
Usually the service runs about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. Generally, our worship service goes like this:

  • Singing led by our Worship Band
  • Welcome & celebration of church and community happenings
  • Offering our Gifts to God
  • More Singing & A Time of Prayer
  • Scripture Reading & Sermon
  • Closing Song(s)

We all learn in different ways and we all experience God in different ways. God is in the chords of a melody, the colorful hues of a painting and woven through the storyline of a testimony. So, we use music, scripture, media, prayer and spoken word to create worship experiences where we encounter God. We desire to be true worshipers as Paul says in Romans, offering all that we are and all that we have to God as a living sacrifice. We love to sing, serve and worship.

Am I Going to Be Singled Out?
No! We don’t want to put you on the spot at all. Attached to the bulletin is a postcard for you to write your name and email address.  You can tear it off and place it in the offering plate or give it to the pastor on your way out.  That way we can touch base with you if you’d like. But otherwise, no, we aren’t going to single you out at all!

Do I Need to Pay or Give Money?
No! Each week we provide an opportunity for people to make an offering to the church. When the plate comes around, you can just pass it on or you can put the guest postcard in the basket. Our hope is that all who are a part of FUMCEB will see their offering as an investment in our transforming work in the world, but there is never a fee to attend.